Repairs and Servicing

There is nothing more infuriating than having a piece of equipment out of action or playing up! We are currently main dealers for most major makes of projection and display equipment, so have direct access to the manufacturer for spares and information and can offer repairs and servicing for your equipment.

repairs and servicing

We’ve got 2 repair services for you to choose from. Either way, we’ll supply you with a written report and quotation PRIOR to any work being carried out so you can have the chance to decide whether to repair or scrap your equipment.

Option 1

Option 2

MJ Visual to collect faulty equipment from your reception (you will have removed it from its current fixing) MJ Visual to visit you and remove from current fixing (e.g., ceiling mount) and bring back for further investigation

£15 +VAT

£90.00 +VAT

If you decide to have your equipment scrapped or repaired, we have more options for you – you can either scrap the equipment c/o our repairers (the only charges would be £30.00 + the initial £90.00 above) or there is the option to have the equipment returned to you without repair work (£75.00 investigation fee + £90.00 for our initial visit and removal if relevant).