Visualisers for Sale

If you are looking to purchase a fully featured High Definition Visualiser that meets your requirements for viewing documents, books, photos and physical objects in fine detail, then MJ Visual can help.

Visualisers are a flexible presentation tool and a great addition for your boardroom, meeting room classroom or lecture theatre environment.

They can capture any kind of material quickly and easily, while also providing a high resolution output signal for projectors, monitors, Smartboards or videoconferencing systems to display the image to your audience.

We can supply you with a wide range of Visualisers from the leading manufactures including, Genee, Samsung, Lumens and Wolfvision to suit your budget and requirements.

We are able to give full product demonstrations.

VZ-8plus³ from Wolfvision

WolfVision’s popular VZ-8 Series Visualisers have become a worldwide standard in a large number of universities, schools and enterprises in recent years.

The VZ-8plus³ features a easy to use zoom wheel for smooth presentations, less experienced users only need to use the zoom wheel on top of the camera head (or the zoom keys on the remote control) as everything else (focus, iris etc) is adjusted automatically.

A large optical zoom range allows the “pick up” of objects in full resolution, while the sophisticated camera/light hinge provides a large shooting area outside of the working surface.

The Visualiser can be used like a video camera, to record people, large objects, pictures or charts in a room.

It can be set up in seconds. A gentle tug lifts the arm and light into the working position.

Just as easily, it folds back into its compact size with just one pull on the centre ring, to be neatly stored away.