Audience Response/ Voting Handsets

Capture and Analyse Audience
Response and Data

Organisations and businesses are increasingly using voting response systems to capture audience responses and data. Questions can be created to include multiple choice, true/false, numeric, ordering, preference and short answer. Questions can be displayed on-screen and audibly and the audience can respond by entering an answer via a clicker.

Audience Response 

The value for the organisers of any meeting or event is the discussion, content and actions that are generated by the participants. Through collaboration, the intellectual capital in the room has the ability to drive change, create insight and facilitate more informed business decisions. Typical applications include collection of data, market research, obtaining levels of understanding in educational applications and product reviews.

A choice of hand-held voting systems is available, from a simple ‘clicker’ style to more sophisticated products which can also include texting, microphone, headphone and colour display facilities.

Where we can help?

We can offer rental and purchase of a range of systems for the following uses:-

- Meetings and Boardrooms
- Auditoriums and Theatres
- Classrooms and Lectures Halls
- Conference Centres and Large Halls
- Training and Certification
- Fundraising and Silent Auctions
- Teambuilding, Games and Competitions
- Public Meetings, Discussions and Forums
- Focus Groups and Market Research

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